31 March 2017

© Sarker Protick

Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood during the performance of ‘Daydreaming’ and ‘Burn the witch’ at Primavera Sound. A moon shaped pool, world tour 2016.

14 March 2017

Photo – Souro

After a week of workshop and a feast at Chinatown, under the old sodium lights of Kolkata with my students.


19 February 2017

“Astres Noirs” won the Australian Photobook of the Year Award.

If we look at the tradition of Music, ‘Jamming Session’/ Alap is a very fundamental component of the practice and quit unique too as no other medium usually creates that form of synergy. ‘Jamming’ builds a connection between the minds of the performers and flows without any predefined structure or plan. The fellow artists see each others eyes, the body and the movement of the hand, picks up when the other stops and continue. Like entangled particles.

These photographs were created almost in a similar manner, unknowingly of how it may transform. Thanks to Chose Commune who listened to them carefully and willing to create a space/book to record that session.

The first edition is now sold out but a second edition will be released this April. More darker (and with 12 hidden images).

15 February 2017


“এদিকে অকালবর্ষা নামিয়াছে- ঠিক শ্রাবণের মত। ইহাতে আমার কোন আপত্তি ছিলনা, শঙ্কা হয় পাছে প্রকৃতি শ্রাবণ মাসে ফাঁকি দিয়া বসেন। দার্জিলিঙ্গেও যদি এখানকার অনুরূপ বর্ষার প্রাদুর্ভাব হইয়া থাকে তবে আপনার সৌভাগ্যে আমি ঈর্ষা করিনা। পাহাড়ের বর্ষা আমদের বাঙ্গালির কান্নার মত একঘেয়ে এবং অবিশ্রাম।” – জগদীশ কে রবির লেখা চিঠি হতে।

25 January 2017


Origin, Inside the Light Chamber. Exhibition at Chobimela IX 2017 Edition. More info about the work here – http://sarkerprotick.com/light-space/origin/

6 November 2016

‘Of River and Lost Lands’ will be shown at Dispatches – Live News Through Art: An Exhibit from The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Partnership with the Pulitzer Center On Crisis Reporting.

Dispatches gathers and generates artistic responses to the news by 34 contemporary artists and photojournalists. The exhibition includes a survey of works from 2010 – present and launches a series of commissions, or “dispatches” on current events and the critical issues of our time.

The art works emerge from within and in defiance of today’s media landscape, ranging from real-time coverage to deliberately slow and analog forms. They enlarge our collective capacity to sensitively receive stories delivered in today’s unevenly regulated and fast flow of news. They decelerate the speed of information. Or, they organize collective efforts toward a more humanizing interaction.

Dispatches is divided into five thematic zones: Post-9-11 Realities; Borders and Migrations; Ecological Justice; New Forms of Social Action; and the 2016 US Presidential Election. An exhibition is a forum—one of the few public commons designed to cultivate our ethical and civic capacities to grapple with what is happening in our world. Dispatches invites you to enliven this forum and say something.

Dispatches educational outreach is realized in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, a non-profit journalism organization dedicated to raising awareness of under-reported global issues through direct support for journalism and educational outreach.

TIME Selects the Best Photobooks of 2016

“Astres Noirs is an ethereal, other-worldly experience; figures bathe in half light, galactic dust clouds disrupt familiar landscapes and alien jellyfish seem to be suspended in motion. The duotone printing shimmers with an unique silver quality, providing an astonishingly beautiful publication with a tactility not often experienced in the photobook”.


1 November 2016


First time in its feature, Chobi Mela IX is partly commissioning ten Bangladeshi artists as Chobi Mela Fellow to produce site-specific artworks for the festival. To investigate the theme Transitions, artists from different backgrounds of painting, drawing, animation, sculpture, photography, video, sound and installations will expand the possibilities of the medium and test the language of manifestations. These independent projects will be nurtured for six months through constant dialogue and guidance from the team of festival curators led by Mahbubur Rahman. Through this initiative, Chobi Mela aims to support new media artists of Bangladesh to develop their independent projects entailing experimentation and expansion.

In the ninth edition of Chobi Mela, Sarker Protick will show his current work ‘Origin’; a collection of photographs connecting with a Video and sound Installation that re-presents the artist’s exploration of Time and Space. The body of work takes a mix of approaches such as Photo tableaux but also combining that with photographs that were created more instinctively in daily surroundings. Together creating an expression that hints toward the more metaphysical realm of individual existence and experience.

Other Participants
Abir Shome, Arfun Ahmed, Golam Moshiur Rahman, Minhaz Marzu, Molla Sagar, Najmun Nahar Keya, Reetu Sattar, Salma Abedin Prithi, Sarker Protick and Suvra Kanti Das.



Exhibition: ‘Origin’
Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa 2016
The Young Subcontinent, our eyes our stories.
Adil Shah Palace, Panjim
December 16 – 23
More installation view here.

17 October 2016


What Remains will be exhibited in DAEGU PHOTO BIENNALE 2016 in the main curated show “We are from somewhere, but where are we going?” in Daegu, Korea.

“We are from somewhere, but where are we going?”

The ‘2016 Daegu Photo Biennale’, celebrating its upcoming 10th year of exhibition, will be based on the theme, “We are from somewhere, but where are we going?”. The exhibition is inspired by creativity, experimental spirit, time (history), space and the environment of Asia, which will be epitomized in the Main Exhibition and Special Exhibition 1 and 2.

As we have entered the present 21st century, people transcending national boundaries and the massive flow of information is drastically accelerating, and based on the energy that is leading these trends, Asian countries have been experiencing cultural closeness and complex historical interaction. The prevalence in the tremendous flow of energy is changing the overall situation in Asia, has put humans into a state of anxiety and is constantly motivating us to overcome ourselves. That is the reason for entitling the Main Exhibition, “Asian Express”, which embodies “drastic flow” and “individual expression”. From the Main Exhibition, we will be able to newly acknowledge our own existence as well as have a look into how each artist have understood this energy.

More info: http://daeguphoto.com/en/