Workshop at Obscura Festival
27 September 2016

“Writing Photographs’- a workshop that i gave this year’s edition of Obscura Festival, Penang, Malaysia.


The produced body of works examine and explore urban spaces and the dichotomy of it. A space that never feels still but always in transition, on the move.

While some individual have worked with the physical space others reacted in a more instinctive and emotive response to it. Their critical observation varies from the highly consumeristic surroundings to the state of absolute nothingness. The subjects of theirs stories ranges from conventional photographic topics to the most banal. Collectively they have created a complex narrative of Georgetown, Penang.

While the social media ‘Likes’ and Instagram feeds are feeding our visual appetite every hour, the quality of the contents are debatable. How much of it stays in our mind and for how long? Or do they all function similar like ‘Snapchat’, disappear from the existence. As a storyteller do we adopt the new media? How much of it is a necessity? And how much of it is just noise. It’s also worthwhile to think about if this technological advancement are affecting our taste or limiting our visual possibilities. Does it allow us to be sensitive enough to go in depth of a story? Do the works live in our consciousness?

“Writing Photographs’ is an interface questioning all these contemporary platforms and trends and preferably going old school. The participants will produce short stories and will be encouraged to think before making work, to write before pressing the button. How do we incorporate ‘Text’ with our photographic language? How do we transform it into a form rather than functioning as a caption? Or how is it that we can use the photographs as captions? The objective is to develop works where the author is more vocal even if it does not fit in the current and popular structures of storytelling.

Participants are requested to bring a Pen, a notebook and a camera.