Short Paragraphs for now
1 April 2017


‘What is your recurring dreams. This is for dad. He has gone missing. find him. This is not a nightmare. What to call a dream that makes heartache and long. Find him. Look everywhere. This is not a nightmare. Find him. Dont wake up.’


Scroll down. These are collective pixels in only, in RGB. Swipe, slide, tap. We are just followers. Waiting to be. Scroll down. Use your thumb. Press the heart. Scroll deep and down. Mind the hashtags. We are being followed. We are being followed.


This artist’s impression shows how Planet Earth will look some hundred years later after humans successfully fuck it up.

There is considerable evidence that over the very recent period of the last 100–1000 years, the sharp increases in human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, has caused the parallel sharp and accelerating increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases which trap the sun’s heat. The consensus theory of the scientific community is that the resulting greenhouse effect is a principal cause of the increase in global warming which has occurred over the same period, and a chief contributor to the accelerated melting of the remaining glaciers and polar ice. A 2012 investigation finds that dinosaurs released methane through digestion in a similar amount to humanity’s current methane release, which “could have been a key factor” to the very warm climate 150 million years ago.


Story of a hypothetical dog.

In recent days the dog feels sad more often. He misses his masters, his friends. Not that he and she is out of home, at work nor traveling. They are all present in the house. But lately they are spending more time looking at a small object in the palm of their hand, heads down, staring at it and stay silent for long time. The dog misses all the paying and the cuddling with the humans. The joy of it. Sometimes he wishes to bite and chew that thing as he does to a bone. But he never does it. He has always been a good dog. Now a days he spends most of his time lying by the corner of the couch, staring at somewhere. There are birds outside the window.



Forest. No forms but textures. Forest. No forms but ambience and soundscapes. Forest. No forms but slow breeze and small movements of leaves. Forest. Nowhere but within. Forest. No forms and the eyes travel deep in the woods. Forest. Imagine green and the grey of the clouds. Forest, what if i have lost you here.



There was this day when the sky fell down, steadily on the river. It must have been late afternoon,  the light turned into something between green and blue. That’s how i remember it now. The clouds and the water comfortably merged in the distant horizon and stayed like that long enough. The wind was slightly heavy with a constant flow but there was no rush. And so for the rain and the stream of water that passed by the river bank. Steady and in peace.

The riverscape is from the Monsoon of 2012.



























One night in lisbon. The houses were empty and the streets too. The only man who was left in the town, was seen walking away from the scene. The next morning started as usual.


I have always thought of Spring being only pretty and nothing more. But monsoon.

Spring blossom. Srimongol, Bangladesh.


The dead pixels in my laptop screen. They are like one of those star systems out there in the night sky. As time will pass, these pixels will grow and spread, like the expansion of the universe.

We and our own little universes. Isolated and often limited.


The dogs in night
outside in the streets
of sodium lamps.
Stranger pass by.























































I said to her, Give me some words.
She replied,

I don’t know
May 1, 2017