19 Batch Photo
28 September 2016


(Pathshala rooftop: Photo by Nishat)

The opening day of the exhibition ’19’. The date should have been 12 August. For unknown reason I wrote July on the Polaroid print .

Putting up the exhibition was difficult. From curating to physically setting up the works, it was all in one week. But these boys made it possible. The last six months they have worked very hard. Well maybe, not all of them. Some were dumb, clueless or just being plain lazy, coming up with many excuses. (the worsts are not in the picture thankfully). But the others were curious, passionate and hardworking. But I still have high hopes from all of these guys and together they are a fantastic group. I will miss them. And I will miss the daily feast. My best wishes for them.

Dhaka, September 2016